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Testimonial On Services

Thanks you for a wonderful session. It helped me to get to the feeling of my problem. This is a unique experience. I am usually quit a thinker. Then you sent healing. My body feels as if I had exercise. I feel calm and happy in this moment. 

My 2nd Theta session with Lettie. I contacted her about a past event. I ended up with a side benefit. After the session I noticed my upper back feels like I want to stand straighter. The next day feeling anticipation/positive expectation. I look forward to seeing what else unfolds.

Thank you very much.


Talking to Lettie opened up different viewpoints that I hadn't thought of and gave me the encouragement to move forward. She has lots of warmth and personality, which keeps things light and do-able, plus she is very perceptive and attentive to where I am at the moment. I really enjoy working with her. I also learned a lot about using visualization to help me move forward. All in all, I feel that I benefit a great deal from talking to her.




Austin Texas

Lettie was quick to get to the matter at hand- the subject was relationship difficult areas. After "digging" she did a healing and I felt an immediate lightening in my spirit. I had pretty much figured out the issue was caused by very early age trauma with my mother, but had been unale to make much headway with it. Lettie did very effective too. I have had a feeling of peace that I have never had before since the session last week. I am very happy, I contacted Lettie! I will very likely contact her again if I find an issue I am having difficulty with handling myself. 

Thank you very much for working with me!


San Antonio Texas

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