Pendulum Bracelet

Pendulum Bracelet

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Stylish pendulums convert to a bracelet.

Gives you a yes or no answers, on the go. No one knows your wearing it. 

Made with metal wire. Handpick crystal from Hot Spring Arkansas.

Total of 8 different stones to create the most powerful energy to connect with your pendulum. Super strong energy!


List of stones: 

Tektite - enhance communication with other world and higher knowledge.

Clear Quartz - regulates energy and enhances muscle testing.

Prehnite - unconditional love and the universe's energy grid.

Green Serpentine - heals the imbalance and clearing the chakras.

Labradorite - highly mystical and raises consciousness.

Amethyst - powerful and high spiritual vibration.

Black Obsidian - protection and grounds.

Chrysoprase - natural tranquility and healing powers.

Bracelet length approximately 7.6 inches. 

Pendulums length approximately 10 inches, see pictures next to a ruler. Some may be longer due to the size of the crystal. (Please let us know if you are looking for a bigger or smaller crystal.)


Disclaimer- Due to the nature of crystals and stones piece may vary slightly in color, size, shape, etc.


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