Energy Code 1-6

Energy Code 1-6


Energy Code 1-6

Connect with energy grids around you. Energy Codes 12 was channeled (2015) with information with geometric, shapes and ancient egypt. From higher beings and galactic beings. As you activate the number you will feel the energy. Then it taps into energy grid. Codes 1-6 have different energy, then 7-12 codes. Each code is hand written by hand. Made from ceramic tile.

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What can you do with Energy Codes 12 ?

Lay on body

Sit and meditate.

Lay on plants

Lay on pictures of love one.

Put under an glass of water, to bring up the vibration.

Lay under fruit and veggie.


Use your intuition to guide you in other ways to use the energy codes 12.


What each code activates.

 Code 1 ~ Release all thoughts and beliefs.

      Release addiction 

      Elevate your energy.

      Calm you down when going thru stress


Code 2 ~ Release your Fears.

      Relax you.

      Stay focus.

      Connects you to relationship with others. 

      (place picture of the person on code)


Code 3 ~ Connects Joy and Happiness.

      Connects Fun in your life.

      Connects your being.


Code 4 ~ Balance Body.

      Relax your Nerves.

      Super calm and relax you  when combined with Code 1

      Release Worries.

      Freedom from World Consciousness Collective Thoughts.


Code 5 ~ Renew cells 

      Stay Focus.

      Balance out Chakras.


Code 6 ~ Ground you to Mother Earth.

      Release mind talk.

      Protection around body.

      Release anger when put on top of Code 3. (ask to release all anger)


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