Ask at Will Board 10 8 1

Ask at Will Board 10 8 1


Ask at Will Board 10 8 1

Connect with energy grids around you. Energy Code 12 Board was channeled (2015) with information with geometric, shapes and ancient egypt. From higher beings and galactic beings. As you activate 10 8 1 you will feel the energy when holding the board. Come with three codes. (1, 10, 8) Can use codes without the board. Board made with natural wood and hand painted with each design. Crystals, stones, and copper wired added.The white ceramic tile is to use with a dry easer. Write down you what you want to manifest!

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What  does Energy Codes 12  Board do?

Ask for:






Use your intuition to guide you in other ways to use the energy codes 12 Board.


What each code activates.

 Code 1 ~ Release all thoughts and beliefs.

      Release addiction 

      Elevate your energy.

      Calm you down when going thru stress

Code 8 ~ Feel like ocean or water.

      Feel love from the heart chakras.

      Release worries. (put with code 4 & release it for good)

      Connect with your spirit. (hold on body for 5 days/ reactivate each day)

Code 10 ~ Connect to human beings. Let the light shine thru your body. Feel our vibration as you hold code.


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